In The Know: Chronic Pain Management

Do you have Chronic Pain?  Have you ever had it addressed through myoskeletal alignment?   It is amazing the different ways that things can be addressed rather than just throwing medication at it.  In this broadcast Elizabeth is joined by our friend Nikki Gibson as she shares just why she was nominated for Massage Therapist of the Year.  If you suffer this is a broadcast you will want to listen too!

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Meditate: Wellness and Meditation

Lake Winona Center Harbor, NH
Lake Winona Center Harbor, NH

Cisco and Elizabeth were joined with Mary Pillsbury, owner of Angel Touch Reiki as they talk about the basics of Meditation. This high energy show outlines what you can do to handle stressful situations with a minimal commitment and continue to keep your wellness goals on track!  This weeks show also has the return of Co-Host Cisco Holland after a long stressful family situation was dealt with.

An Intuitive Approach To Wellness

JEllenoin In The KNOW Sunday night 8:00PM est as we host Medical Intuitive Ellen Norman.  She is going to share with us how you can enhance your current wellness plan by using a holistic and more intuitive approach to your health and well being.

If you missed it, you can catch the replay here.

National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month

Do you or someone you love suffer from Migraines?  According to “Migraines are the 3rd most prevalent illness in the world.”  Tune in this week when we are joined by Lisa Erickson founder of Migraine Magick™.  Wife of a local cranberry farmer in Middlboro and former chronic migraine sufferer she has develop a product to assist those who suffer.

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9 Tips to Keep Your Wellness Goals In Check

SaladSummertime is Party Time!  In New England our summers are short, so we find them jam packed with Graduation Parties, Birthdays and BBQ’s.   Although the allure of Hamburgers, Hotdogs and Potato Salad can easily set you back as the standard menu items, it doesn’t mean you have to give up all that you have accomplished towards your wellness goals.  Here are 9 tips to help you keep control of your eating in fun environments.  Elizabeth and Cisco give context to these tips in their June 5th Broadcast of In The KNOW Wellness Talk Radio Show.  Replay can be found here.

9 Tips for not regretting your holiday weekend.

1- Watch your munchies
There will likely be appetizers out throughout the day/weekend. When you are eating directly from the bowl of mixed nuts or chip & dip tray you eat far more than you think. If you want to know exactly what you are eating grab a plate and put the appetizers on it first.
2- Use a small plate
You know when you go to a buffet your eyes are likely bigger than your stomach. You feel like you want to get a little bit of everything. If they have plates for the dessert table, use them! That way if you fill your plate it’s only a third of the food.
3- Know your meat
The summer is all about the meat and BBQ, and often it’s the cuts that have a higher fat content. Remember toxins are stored in fat and your conventional meat isn’t the route you want to go with the antibiotics, hormones, and grain-feed beef. Try to avoid the processed meats, like hot dogs, unless you know what brand they are using or the butcher it came from. Better yet, let the meat be the thing you contribute to the BBQ.
4- Skip the extras – or Substitute
If you can do without the hamburger bun, skip it! If you have an options between sweet potato fries and potato chips go with the better option, sweet potato fries! BBQ sauce is usually packed with sugar, so go light on the sauce. You have plenty of choices so with each “better” choice or “extra” eliminated it all adds up.
5- Think before you drink
While I’m all about moderation and balance in your life, alcohol can easily sabotage all your hard work in the kitchen and the gym. Some daiquiris and margaritas can pack over 600 calories in a single drink, so if you have 2-3 you are already up to your daily calorie intake!! Yikes!! My suggestion is to stick with wine (preferably organic) or using sparkling water and lime as a mixer, as opposed to your sugar-laden options. Remember to limit yourself, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
6 -Have a salad first
If you eat some greens first, you won’t look at all the junk with raging hunger. This allows you to be a bit more rational with your choices at the BBQ!
7- Pack a snack
You know there is going to be a lot of junk throughout the weekend, so coming to the party armed with backup is key. You might not have to open it up, but if you have a few bars, or snacks in your bag at least you have some approved snacks for in-between meals if your host doesn’t share the same views on food as you do.
8- Indulge in natural sweetness
You will likely find a fruit tray at your weekend festivities. Filling your plate with delicious fresh strawberries, watermelon, and other fruits will help curb your sweet tooth.
9 -Stay Hydrated
You don’t want to confuse thirst for hunger. Plus, it’s hot outside!! Drink water for health and beauty, add some lemon, cucumber, or grapefruit to your water to freshen it up.

Relationships And Wellness

In this weeks broadcast of In The KNOW we visited with Dr Jennelle how the personal relationships in our lives are an important part of wellness.  As we promised on the show, here are the links to some useful resources for a healthy relationship!

If you missed the broadcast, you can hear the replay here!

Medically Based Fitness

Tonight we are Joined by Micolene Boddie as she shares with us more about Medically Based Fitness.  She has an unbelievable story, and what she offers her clients may surprise you as they are very different from your normal “physical therapist” .

If You Missed The Broadcast, The Replay Can Be Found Here!




Lyme Disease Resources

***Updated Resources 5_19_2016***

In our May 1st broadcast we shared the story of Joy Murphy, Chronic Lyme sufferer who had to find many of her own answers.  If you feel you may be struggling from Lyme and want answers here are some resources that have helped others.  As always you need to share your information with your doctors, your research should always be coupled withe a trained professional.

Lyme Awareness

Some helpful websites: (Go to the Flash Discussion) (labs)


Also look for the Documentary called “Under our Skin” and a book called “Why can’t I get Better by Dr Richard Horowitz.

Great Condensed Symptoms List

Horowitz Lyme Questionnaire

Lyme Disease Symptoms Chart

Emotional Intelligence Tips

Nick Verina from Ovation Commuincation

Emotional Intelligence

Definition: The ability to perceive, understand, reason with and manage your emotions as well as the emotions of others.

Take Aways

1. Increase our emotional vocabulary so we can better articulate our emotions to others.

2. Get to the root of your emotions by asking “Why am I feeling this way?”

3. Make a decision to either express you emotions or deal with them on your own.

4. If you decide to deal with your emotions on your own, deal with them in a positive way. Exercise, listen to music or meditate. If we do something physically that puts us in a positive space, it will have a positive effect on our emotional state as well.

5. When expressing your emotions to others, find a way to discuss your emotions so the other person will not become defensive. How can you get them to really hear you and hear what you are saying.

6. Be aware of your “Happy Buttons.” Happy Buttons are actions that you can do that will have a positive impact on your emotional wellness. Here are some questions to ask yourself when learning what those might be:

I like it when people:

I feel empowered when:

I think it is thoughtful to:

It happily surprises me when:

I’m always in a good mood when I come home/to work and:

7. Talk less, listen more. Be an active listener.

8. Pause, breathe, and sleep on it before reacting to an impulsive emotion.

9. Explain your decisions and why you make them to others.

10. Here is a link to a great blog from Ovation Communication on EI:

11: Check out the OC Resource Center for blogs, webinars, tipsheets, and more info on emotional intelligence:

Thanks again! Here is my info as well:

Nick Verina


Ovation Communication

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Keep The Kids Involved

Great morning at the first annual health fair, at my girls school Sacred Heart, Kingston MA. Topics covered for 150 4th, 5th, 6th graders were healthy food choices, healthy bodies and emotional wellness!